Turbidity: Lab Dual-Angle Scattered Light System

Product Announcement from optek-Danulat, Inc.

Turbidity: Lab Dual-Angle Scattered Light System-Image

The new optek DT9011 Laboratory Turbidity Meter uses a dual-angle (90°/11°) scattered-light system to measure turbidity in the bottle, with no sample preparation or de-gassing required. The DT9011 performs 250 precision measurements with each automatic rotation of the sample bottle in the water bath chamber. Glass and even plastic bottles of any color can be used and product color does not affect measurement accuracy.

The DT9011 has a simple and straightforward menu-based user interface. Comprehensive data logging and operator PIN access ensure accurate and secure QC documentation. Using the unit's convenient RS-232 serial port, the operator can easily download data from the DT9011 to their PC.

The DT9011's durable, easy-to-clean, all-stainless steel design makes it ideal not only for the laboratory, but for the "real world" production environment. Using the same 11° measurements as optek's in-line instruments in addition to traditional 90° lab measurements, the DT9011 offers the closest possible process-to-lab correlation. MEBAK compliant and easily calibrated to either NIST-traceable or client reference standards, the DT9011 provides a new level of precision, reliability and repeatability in turbidity analysis.

DT9011 Features:

  • Precision forward (11°) and side (90°) scatter measurements
  • In-bottle measurement - No degassing or sample preparation required.
  • Drift-Free Factory Zero Point
  • Internal data logger
  • Circulating Water Bath
  • Programmable units of measure - FTU, NTU, EBC, or user-defined
  • RS232 data transfer