Controller Redundancy

Product Announcement from Opto 22

Controller Redundancy-Image

Controller Redundancy

  • Use Opto 22 SNAP PAC S-series programmable automation controllers, our regular standalone PACs at regular prices—the same ones you use in any SNAP PAC System.
  • Use SNAP I/O, known for its reliability and wide variety of signal inputs. Standard product.
  • Connect controllers with standard Cat5 Ethernet network and RS-485 serial cabling. No special wires.
  • Develop your redundant control program with our standard PAC Project Professional 9.0 software suite.


The Redundancy Option Kit includes:

  • Arbiter—an industrial hardware device that constantly monitors controller status and switches controllers from backup to active when needed
  • Redundant Power Switch—a relay device that restarts the redundant controllers based on decisions from the arbiter

Read the SNAP-PAC-ROK data sheet.