Ethernet I/O

Product Announcement from Opto 22

Ethernet I/O-Image

Opto 22 SNAP I/O works with off-the-shelf Ethernet networks, wired or wireless. The I/O processor (brain) provides communication and local intelligence:
• Latching and high-speed counting
• Watchdogs
• Thermocouple linearization
• Analog calibration, ramping, scaling, and clamping
• PID loop control, and more.
Reliable I/O modules include analog, digital, and serial inputs and outputs, most with a lifetime guarantee. Product support is FREE.

Use SNAP I/O in three ways:
• Connected to an Opto 22 control system. With a SNAP PAC programmable automation controller and PAC Project control and HMI software, SNAP I/O extends your control system and distributes local intelligence to the I/O level.
• As intelligent remote I/O in another system. Connect to Allen-Bradley RSLogix-based PLCs, use the built-in Modbus/TCP protocol, or use OPC to exchange data with other manufacturers' systems.
• For PC-based control. Develop applications in C/C++ or Visual Basic using the free OptoMMP Communication Toolkit. Or use SNMP to send traps to a network management system, SMTP to email alarms and conditions, or even PPP to communicate remotely over a modem.