Migrating to Newer Opto 22 Products

Product Announcement from Opto 22

Migrating to Newer Opto 22 Products-Image

If you're wanting more, take a look at migrating to the SNAP PAC System.

  • Gain memory, density, speed, and network flexibility.
  • Maintain your investment in I/O, sensors and actuators, and field wiring.

Where are you starting from?

The SNAP PAC System is your goal. Developed in 2007, it's an integrated system of hardware and software that makes your job easier.

The SNAP PAC System's PAC Project Professional Software Suite, SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers, and SNAP I/O offer all of this:

  • Control programming, HMI development and runtime, OPC communication, and two-way database connectivity
  • Powerful, compact Ethernet-based standalone and rack-mounted controllers
  • Two Ethernet network interfaces on PACs and brains
  • Ethernet and serial I/O units in the same system under one controller
  • High-density I/O packaging with up to 512 I/O points on one rack
  • One brain processing analog, digital, and serial I/O on the same rack, in any position
  • Distributed intelligence including PID loop control at the I/O level
  • Native communication with Allen-Bradley Logix systems and Modbus/TCP systems
  • MicroSD card slots for up to 2 GB removable data storage
  • Optional wireless 802.11a, b, and g communication with WPA2/AES security

Learn more about the SNAP PAC System.