Mobile Meets Automation

Product Announcement from Opto 22

Mobile Meets Automation-Image

Opto iPAC for iOS and Opto aPAC for Android give authorized automation engineers and control technicians instant access to status and values and the ability to change values or turn outputs on or off wirelessly.

Look what it can do:

  • See digital point status. Turn digital outputs on or off.
  • View analog point values. Write values to analog outputs.
  • View and change all tags: control variables, table elements, charts, I/O.
  • See controller status, firmware version, and strategy data.
  • Stop or run the current strategy. Start and stop charts.
  • Automatically discover all Opto 22 devices on your network.
  • Save the devices you want to monitor in named lists.
  • Create watch lists for the tags you want to monitor.
  • Search globally for device name, IP address, firmware, strategy, and watch list tags.

Ideal for commissioning, debugging, responding to alarms, and mobile connectivity to remote installations.