Portable Laser Thermometer P20 05M

Featured Product from Optris Infrared Sensing, LLC

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The portable industrial thermometer optris P20 05M measures temperatures precisely between 1,000 °C and 2,000 °C (1,832 °F to 3,632 °F) and is hence perfectly suited for industrial high-temperature measurements of molten metal.

The optris P20 05M's internal data storage is capable of saving up to 2,000 measured values. Additionally, the handheld infrared thermometer is equipped with a USB port for evaluation and analysis of measured data on the computer. The inclusive evaluation and reporting software optris Connect additionally offers an oscilloscope function for 20 measurements per second.

Important Specifications

  • Temperature range:
    1,000°C to 2,000°C (1,832 °F to 3,632 °F)
  • Spectral range: 525 nm
  • Response time: 100 ms
  • Price starts from $1,920.00 (plus VAT)