Polyurethane Structural Foam for Oil & Gas Market

Featured Product from Osborne Industries, Inc.

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At Osborne Industries, we have the knowledge and capability to mold custom structural foams for any number of applications. Polyurethane structural foams can be made very quickly and efficiently in our RIM molding shop. The use of structural foam in some applications can prove to be very cost effective. Light weight and rigid, structural foam can be molded with integral skin to give good, dense part surfaces. We can even over-mold a skin of fiberglass-reinforced plastic by using the structural foam to provide a rigid, insulative core for an RTM outer skin. An in-mold gel-coated surface gives such a part an excellent final finish. These foams can also be used as a light weight core in RIM molded parts. This is referred to as RRIM (reinforced reaction injection molding). Because RIM has very short reaction time, parts can be made quickly, very large, light weight, and impact and chemically resistant. Structural foams can also be used as a stand alone part. An example of this is our Auto-Max® Ceiling Inlets used in livestock ventilation applications.