Resin Transfer Molding

Service Detail from Osborne Industries, Inc.

Osborne Industries, Inc. brings over 35 years of continuous production experience in Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) to your project. Osborne Industries delivers the full advantages of RTM to you. From concept through prototyping and from pattern and mold building ot final finished parts, our expertese guides your product.

Chemists formulate the best composite for your application. Osborne's chemists tailor RTM-Glas™ materials to match a wide range of design criteria, including specifications for hardness, color, dielectric strength, impact resistance, flame resistance, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance.

Osborne Industries RTM composites...

  • Yield dimensions and physical properties to close tolerances
  • Give finished surfaces to exact specifications
  • Deliver consistently high quality parts
  • Provide reliable long-term performance

Osborne's RTM expertise helps you...

  • Refine your RTM application
    • Cut your material and production costs
    • Improve your product performance
    • Select resins, reinforcing fibers, and additives for the best match to project requirements
  • Save with Economical RTM Tooling
    • RTM provides an efficient, natural transition from prototype to high-volume production
    • RTM is a low-cost path to commercial parts compared to high-cost tooling for compression molding
    • Superior quality and efficiency quickly repay the added investment in RTM compared to simple open molds
  • Get Production Capacity Matched To Your Largest Projects
    • Parts size from 1 sq ft to over 100 sq ft
    • Multiple RTM production lines
    • Numerous RTM presses of all sizes
    • In-mold coating
    • Directed-fiber preforming machines
    • Most secondary finishing operations
    • Structural bonding and assembly
    • NIST-traceable quality assurance