Telene (pDCPD) Thermoset - Corrosion Resistant

Product Announcement from Osborne Industries, Inc.

Telene® polymer is an incredible family of materials, based on polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) chemistry. Osborne is one of only a few licensees worldwide for this thermoset which has properties similar to thermoplastic polyolefins. Telene polymer has outstanding corrosion resistance and excellent impact resistance.Telene polymers are moderately cross-linked polydicyclopentadiene thermoset polymers. Telene polymers provide an excellent combination of stiffness, impact strength, heat deflection temperature, and corrosion resistance.Low viscosity (300 centipoises) and low injection pressure (15-30 PSI) allow manufacture of Telene products with Osborne composite tooling. Part thickness can range from 0.001-inch (2.5mm) to 12 inches or more. Surface area can range from as small as 2-ft² to as large as 140-ft² and larger. Variable thicknesses and molded ribs are frequently used to stiffen parts in desired areas. Bosses and fastening mechanisms molded into the part reduce secondary assembly operations. Current Applications using Telene Products: 1. Structural Components with a Class A Finish:· Tonneau Covers · Wind Deflectors on Trucks · Fenders · Hoods · Bumpers · Facias · Snowmobile Hoods 2. Corrosion Resistant Parts for Chem-Process Industry · Chlor-Alkali · Bromine · Phosphoric Acid · Hydrofluoric Acid 3. Industrial Products: Seat Pallets · Engine Dunnage · Containers · Sewage Tanks · Water Treatment · Insulators · Antenna Bases