Video: Properties of RIM Thermosetting Plastics

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Reaction Injection Molded (RIM) components feature a combination of unique physical properties not found in thermoplastics or metal. Incredible impact and corrosion resistance makes RIM-molded thermosetting resins like polyurethane and polydicyclopentadiene (pDCPD) an excellent choice for original equipment manufacturer’s (OEMs) whose equipment must withstand harsh conditions. RIM plastics excel in high temperature, highly corrosive, and extremely abrasive environments.

Parts and industries suitable for RIM composites include:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Service vehicle parts
  • Military, agricultural, and transportation equipment
  • Truck hoods and fenders
  • Under-hood parts exposed to high heat and abrasion
  • Parts for corrosion control (chlor-alkali) and wastewater treatment
  • Aerospace
  • Much more

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