Standard, Series and Custom Gearboxes

Product Announcement from Overton Chicago Gear

Standard, Series and Custom Gearboxes-Image

OVERTON CHICAGO GEAR produces standard, series special and custom gearboxes designed and manufactured in accordance with your specifications. Gearbox designs include parallel shaft, right angle and planetary designs. Our company has produced more than 350,000 large, specially designed gearboxes over the years. We also produce series special designs in conjunction with customer design, or designed by OCG. With a long history in the gear industry and state-of-the-art operations, we have the knowledge and capabilities to guide your specifications through the entire manufacturing process while consistently meeting your quality, price, service, and delivery requirements. Power ratings starting at 10-5,000 hp and output torque between 12,000-4,000,000 in-lbs. Special designs include pinion stands, multiple output shafts, differential drives, payoffs, recoilers, levellers and drop-in replacements just to name a few.