GeoSpec NMR rock core analyzer

Featured Product from Oxford Instruments

The GeoSpec2 instruments operate at 2MHz to reduce artefacts caused by ferromagnetic material in the samples and to mimic the operation of the NMR logging tools. Higher field (12 and 20MHz) GeoSpec models are available for situations where higher sensitivity is required (for example, very low porosity samples), and for special applications such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

The GeoSpec range of instruments is the result of a successful long-term collaboration between Oxford Instruments and Green Imaging Technologies (GIT), the world leaders in hardware and software for NMR core analysis.


  • GeoSpec - industry standard NMR core analyser, used by 90% of NMR core analysts
  • Range of probe sizes - choose the optimum probe for your sample size to maximise SNR and minimise measuring time
  • Q-Sense probe technology - for short echo times to see small pores in tight rocks and shales, while preserving high signal to noise ratios (SNR) for short measuring times
  • Green Imaging Technologies software
  • P5 cell - for measurements at as close to reservoir conditions as possible