MQC+ QA/QC analyser to measure oil, fat and water

Featured Product from Oxford Instruments

MQC+ is available as three models:

  • MQC+ 23 is used for smaller samples and high sensitivity applications; for example it is used to measure small amounts of oil applied to artificial fibres and fabrics to enhance their properties.
  • MQC+ 5 is used for large samples, typically agricultural products; for example, it measures the oil and moisture content in oilseeds. This is important because in some regions the higher the oil content, the more valuable the crop which affects the revenue received by farmers for their harvest.
  • MQC+ F is used to measure fluorine in toothpaste and minerals, for example.


MQC+ applications include:


  • Oil in snack foods
  • Total fat in chocolate
  • Fat in foodstuffs
  • Solid Fat Content (SFC)


  • Oil and moisture in oilseeds and their residues
  • Oil in dried olive paste and oil in dried palm mesocarp


  • Spin finish on fibre, also known as Oil Pick-Up (OPU), Finish on Yarn (FoY), lubricant and avivage

Consumer products:

  • Lotion on fabric and fluorine in toothpast


  • Hydrogen content in fuel
  • Oil content in waxes
  • Wax content in petroleum products


  • Xylene solubles in polypropylene
  • Plasticiser in PVC
  • Polymer density and crystallinity
  • Oil in rubber and fluorine content


  • Fluorine in powders (e.g. fluorspar, alumina)
  • Limestone filler in asphalt