Die Cutting Services

Service Detail from UFP Technologies, Inc.

Die Cutting Services-Image

UFP Technologies works with foams, fabrics, rigid plastics, films, molded fiber, composities, and many more unique materials.  We act as an extension of our customers' R&D, engineering, and manufacturing teams to produce custom components, products and specialty packaging.  In addition to die-cutting we offer:

  • Compression Molding
  • Routing
  • Water-Jet Cutting
  • Clean Room Facilities
  • Laminating
  • Pressure Sensitive Assembly
  • RF Welding
  • Heat Sealing
  • Heat Forming & Embossing
  • Foam Felting
  • Hot Wire Cutting & Scooping
  • Vertical & Horitzonatal Slitting and Splitting
  • Product Design & Development
  • Finished Product Assembly & Distribution