Featured Product from PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

The Model 410C01 signal conditioner from PCB Piezotronics is designed for operation with Integrated Circuit Piezoelectric (ICP®) sensors and is ideally suited for monitoring manufacturing processes associated with assembly and product testing. With a choice of AC or DC coupling and a high frequency response, both quasi-static and dynamic measurements up to 10 kHz are possible. The unit synchronizes with machine cycles through a reset feature while analog and peak hold outputs allow for real-time monitoring with machine control devices. Requires a regulated low noise 24-volt power source for proper operation.

  •  Delivers excitation power for ICP® sensors
  •  Provides peak track hold and waveform analog output signals, 0 to 10 volts
  •  Offers AC or DC signal coupling and choice of 7 gain settings



  • Real Time Process Monitoring with ICP® Sensors
  • Analog waveform output can be mapped against a signature or standard “pulse” with set tolerances
  • Captures the dynamic +peak pulse of every machine cycle for trend analysis