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Accelerometer PCE-VT 3900

Featured Product from PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc.

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Accelerometer with internal memory / Route measurement /
Rechargeable battery / Software for evaluating the stored data /
Measuring range up to 399.9 m/s² / PC interface / Optionally with ISO calibration certificate


The accelerometer is an ideal measuring device for fast and precise checking of vibrating parts, machines and systems. This vibration meter uses the external vibration sensor to determine the vibration displacement (measuring range 0.000 ... 3.9 mm), the vibration velocity (measuring range 0.00 ... 399.9 mm/s) and the vibration acceleration (measuring range 0.0 ... 399.9 m/s²). Various measurement parameters are available for the vibration meter, such as RMS, peak, peak-peak and crest factor. The vibration meter is equipped with a mode that allows a measurement to be automatically evaluated according to the limit values ??of ISO 10816-3. The vibration meter analyzes the measured values ??and shows a corresponding good/bad rating on the display. The built-in battery in the vibration measuring device has a capacity of 2500 mAh and can be recharged directly via the built-in micro-USB interface.

In addition to the normal measuring mode, the accelerometer has an FFT mode. In the FFT mode, the frequency spectrum for the measured vibration speed or vibration acceleration is calculated and displayed. The calculated FFT lines are displayed in a graphic representation in an overall view for the entire frequency band and parallel to this in a zoom view to display the individual lines.

An additional function is route measurement. The route measurement is specially designed for recurring measurements at identical measuring points. This enables an orderly measurement of different measuring points. Because of its extensive measuring functions, the accelerometer is therefore used for maintenance and repair work on machines.

The measurement data displayed for the various measurement functions can be stored in the internal memory of the accelerometer. After a measurement, the measurement data stored on the vibration meter can be transferred to a PC via the built-in micro USB interface. The software for the vibration meter then enables a graphic and tabular analysis of the measured values. The software can export the measurement data as a CSV file for further processing. In order to keep the vibration measuring device up to date, the software can also perform an automatic firmware update in addition to analyzing the measurement data.

- For mobile vibration measurement
- Measuring range up to 399.9 m/s² / 15744 in/s²
- FFT analysis
- Route measurement
- Manual measured value memory
- Automatic ISO 10816-3 evaluation
- Internal memory
- 2.48" LC display
- Rechargeable battery
- Micro-USB interface