Coating Thickness Meter PCE-CT 23BT

Featured Product from PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc.

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Coating Thickness Meter with 5-point calibration
With this Coating Thickness Meter, layer thicknesses on metallic surfaces can be reliably determined. The Coating Thickness Meter has a measuring range of 1500 µm. This means that the Coating Thickness Meter is used, for example, in a paint shop, for incoming goods inspection or for an expert. With the Bluetooth interface on the Coating Thickness Meter, all data can be transferred to a mobile iOS or Android device and exported as a CSV, PDF or TXT file. A live view with analysis of the measured values is also possible via the free app with the Coating Thickness Meter. 
In addition to the Bluetooth interface, the Coating Thickness Measuring Device has a micro USB interface. All data can also be transferred to the PC and analyzed via this interface in the Coating Thickness Measuring Device. Another special feature of this interface is that the Coating Thickness Measuring Device can also be operated without batteries via this interface. As a result, many measurement processes are no longer dependent on the battery charge level. 
- Micro USB and Bluetooth interface
- Calibration foils included
- Data storage for up to 600 measured values
- Measuring range up to 1500 µm