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Dynamometer for Edge Tests PCE-PST 1

Featured Product from PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc.

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PCE-PST 1 Dynamometer is designed to check the adhesive force of edges on support materials. With the Dynamometer, checks can be made with respect to the quality of workmanship. Feed speed, travel distance, tension, and traction angle are fixed. Ball transfer units on the guide surface of the Test Stand reduce the coefficient of friction. Likewise the self-locking jaws and smooth guide rollers always guarantee reproducible and comparable results. Measurement errors caused by the "human factor" are reduced to a minimum.

The PCE-PST 1 Dynamometer is designed for adhesive forces up to 500 N or 110 pounds. With a travel distance of 100 mm (3.9 in) and a feed rate of 0.3 m / min (11.8 in / min), testing an edge can be performed by trained personnel in less than a minute. After clamping the test edge, measurement takes place in automatic mode as soon as the triggering force of 20 N is reached. At the end of the measurement process, statistical data appears on the display, including Min. and Max. values, as well as an average value of edge band strength. If necessary, the evaluation of the measurement can also be done via the included software which enables different statistical values and the display of a force-time diagram.

- For adhesive forces to 500 N or 110 pounds
- High repeatability
- Defined test parameters
- Mobile implementation
- Automatic and manual measurement mode
- Evaluation via software