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Force Gauge / Belt Tension Meter PCE-BTM 2000

Featured Product from PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc.

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Drive belt tension gauge for fast and accurate measurement of belt tension
Memory for 750 measured values / graphic display / easy operation / multilingual menu / measurement in Hz and N
The belt tension gauge is an optical measuring maintenance tool for determining belt tension force. This belt tension measuring device consists of a display unit and a sensor head which is attached to a gooseneck. The belt tension measuring device measures the belt tension and the belt frequency of the belt when it is stationary. A small impulse on the belt, vertical to the tension direction, is sufficient to set the belt vibrating. The belt tension measuring device measures the natural frequency of the belt with the sensor and visualizes it on the display. The belt tension gauge can directly determine the actual tension force of the belt from the belt frequency and the optionally entered belt length and belt mass. However, it is not absolutely necessary to enter this data in order to carry out measurements directly with the belt tension gauge. The measuring units can be switched between N (SI unit) and Pound Force (US unit) in the belt tension gauge. The graphic display of the belt tension gauge always shows the measured value as belt frequency in Hz. If the belt mass and length are entered in the device, the belt tension in Newton is also displayed. The intuitive graphic menu is visualized on the high-contrast display of the gauge in six selectable languages. For further analysis and quality assurance purposes, the belt tension gauge is equipped with a memory. Up to 750 data records can be stored in the memory of the belt tension gauge in 15 sets of 50 measured values. 
The unit is delivered completely ready for use. The scope of delivery includes the handheld unit, the standard sensor with gooseneck, a magnetic holder, batteries and operating instructions. An instrument case, frequency beater, tripod and a measuring sensor with spiral cable and a longer gooseneck (for belts that are difficult to reach) are available as options for the drive belt tension meter.
Why should the belt force be measured?

The measurement of belts is always necessary when machines and systems are to be optimally maintained. A belt drive only achieves its maximum service life if it is designed for specific applications. This means that the belt is optimally tensioned and the pulleys are precisely aligned. With the aid of the belt tension gauge, the tension force can be precisely determined when the belt is stationary. 

- Measurement of the oscillation frequency of the drive belt
- Intuitive controls
- Calculation of the tension force
- Display of the belt tension in N
- 6 menu languages
- Memory for 750 measured values
- Sensor on gooseneck
- Input of belt length and belt mass