Gauss Meter PCE-MFM 2400

Featured Product from PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc.

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Precise Gaussmeter with an accuracy of 1% / 
automatic switch-off / transverse measurement / backlight /
Tesla and Gauss measurement / for static magnetic fields 
With a measuring range of 2,400 mT, the Gauss Meter covers a wide range of measuring tasks. The field strength meter has an accuracy of 1%. This makes the Gauss Meter a very precise measuring device. For example, the Gauss Meter can be used to test relays and permanent magnets for the existing magnetic field. The Gauss Meter is therefore used in production processes or in quality control.
With the backlight on the Gauss Meter, the measured values are always easy to read even in poor lighting. Thanks to the automatic switch-off function, the Gauss Meter automatically switches itself off after 5 minutes. This ensures that the battery of the Gauss Meter does not discharge completely.
 - Calibration certificate included in the scope of delivery
- very precise measurement technology 
- Measuring range up to 24,000 G and 2,400 mT
- transverse sensor
- for measuring static magnetic fields
- automatic shutdown