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Industrial Borescopes - See Inside Walls & Drains

Featured Product from PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc.

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See inside walls, drains, sewer pipes, heating vents, air ducts, furnaces, motors, pistons, gears, valves, compressors, boilers, condenser tubes and other hard-to-reach places quickly and easily with an industrial borescope inspection camera from PCE Instruments.

Before purchasing an industrial borescope, identify what product features are required for your application. Consider aspects such as:

  • Rigid or flexible cable
  • Diameter and length of cable
  • Ingress protection (IP) rating of cable
  • Articulation or side-view mirrors
  • Hook and magnet attachments
  • Photo and video resolution

For more information on purchasing an industrial borescope, visit https://www.pce-instruments.com/english/measuring-instruments/test-meters/industrial-borescope-kat_40041_1.htm.