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PCE Instruments carries a number of refractometer models including portable or handheld refractometer, digital refractometer and Abbe refractometer products used in food processing, canning, beekeeping, brewing, winemaking, distilling, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, machining, automotive, oil, petrochemical and water quality industries to measure the percent (%) Brix, salt content (salinity), water content, sugar content, Baumé (°Bé), Oechsle (°Oe), alcohol content or specific gravity (sg) of transparent or semitransparent fluids, liquids, formulas, suspensions, mixtures, dispersions, emulsions, concentrations, pastes and substances such as salt water or seawater, brines, fruits, juices, soft drinks, energy drinks, wines, liquors, condensed milk, jams, jellies, honey, industrial lubricants, antifreeze, ethanol, battery acids, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, electrolyte solutions, paints, lacquers and chemicals.