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Total Polar Material Meter for Frying Oil FOT 10

Featured Product from PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc.

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The food / hygiene meter for deep-frying oil PCE-FOT 10 is a measuring device with which you can determine the quality of various types of oil. This oil quality meter is also successfully used by food inspectors. A measurement is carried out directly in hot fat. For this, the measuring tip is held directly in a fryer or the like. Thus, fast measurement results are guaranteed. The oil temperature in °C or °F and the oil quality in percent PC (polar compounds) are determined within a few seconds. The PC value is a measure of the thermal-oxidative stress level of a frying oil. On the device itself, a traffic light function is installed, so that the oil quality is displayed directly in color.

This oil tester is not only used by food inspectors, but also in gastronomy. According to the recommendations of the DGF (German Society for Fat Science) 24 percent polar components (Polar compounds) are to be regarded as a limit to the healthiness of a deep-frying fat. When old fat is used, it generally has many disadvantages. This includes influencing the taste and the associated reduced quality. In addition, it can cause strong odor and smoke, if the fat is not examined with an oil tester. National regulations regarding maximum PC limits are to be observed if necessary. Since not all oils behave exactly the same, different calibrations can be stored and called up in the oil quality measuring device. There are four fixed storage locations (semi-liquid, liquid, solid) as well as 6 variable storage spaces.

- Measurement directly in the liquid fat
- Prevention of health risks
- Fast, reliable on-site measurement
- Different calibrations can be saved
- Adjustment of the correct frying point
- Exact quality determination of the frying oil
- Temperature measurement up to 200°C / 392°F
- Traffic light display
- Waterproof
- Robust and shockproof
- Several oil types adjustable
- 0.5 to 40% polar parts
Area of application: deep-frying oils
For determining the deep-frying oil TPM (Total Polar Materials) value