Wind Speed Meter PCE-WS A

Featured Product from PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc.

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Robust Wind Speed Meter for fixed installation / various output signals /  
for wind warning systems, building services and building automation
The Wind Speed Meter impresses with its compact design and various output signals. The Wind Speed Meter can be used for applications in warning technology, building automation and home technology. Depending on the Wind Speed Meter, a 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10 V, Modbus or pulse output is available. The Wind Speed Meter is designed as a star, so that operation independent of the wind direction is guaranteed. 

The Wind Speed Meter is made of robust plastic and is therefore resistant to rust and corrosion. The Wind Speed Meter is also protected to IP65. The design of the Wind Speed Meter also ensures that it is particularly protected against high-frequency and electromagnetic radiation. The measuring range extends between 2.62 ... 164.04 ft/s, 0.8 ... 50 m / s. The Wind Speed Meter has a 65 ft, 20 m connection cable as standard. A stainless steel mounting kit for the Wind Speed Meter is optionally available. 

- Robust PA plastic housing

- IP 65 protection 
- mA, V, pulse or Modbus output
- Long lifetime
- Direct measurement of wind speed
- Measurement from 2.62 ft/s, 0.8 m / s