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Install Bottom Locking Fence Slats for Privacy

Featured Product from Pexco

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Here are the steps to install Pexco’s PDS® Bottom Lock Fence Slats on your chain link fence: 

- Measure Your Fence  
Before you buy your slats It's important to measure the height and length of your fence to determine the number of slats you will need.

- Install the Locking Channel 
PEXCO's bottom locking mechanism is designed for easy installation and a secure hold. Insert the bottom rail horizontally in the first full diamond at bottom of the fence with the open side facing up.

- Insert the Remaining Slats  
Insert vertical slats with the angled end downward, making sure each slat is securely locked into place. Each slat engages and interlocks with the bottom rail. Push the vertical slat into the horizontal channel to lock it in place.