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One stop shop for your Polysulfone needs

Featured Product from Pexco

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The company is a one stop shop destination for high-quality Polysulfone tubes as well as secondary manufacturing processes or value-added processes like:

•    Punching
•    Crimping
•    Drilling
•    Machining
•    Printing
•    Facing
•    Heat Sealing
•    Inline Precision Cutting
•    Applying Anti-Static Coatings
•    And More

Polysulfone (PSU) extrusions offer a combination of important performance properties including:

•    Excellent thermal stability
•    High distortion-temperature or High heat deflection temperature
•    Chemical inertness
•    Electrical performance and flame retardancy
•    High toughness and strength
•    Good environmental stress-cracking resistance
•    Combustion resistance
•    Clear, Amber-tinted or White Opaque
•    Approved for food contact and potable water