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Pexco - Posts for Bike Lanes and Cycle Tracks

Featured Product from Pexco

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Pexco's innovative flexible bike lane posts are engineered to help provide superior protection to cyclists, helping to ensure safe travel for all users of the road. Made with highly durable and impact-resistant materials, these flexible bike lane posts offer a long-lasting solution to help enhance bike lane safety. They are also designed to be highly visible, featuring reflective surfaces and bright colors that help increase visibility and alert drivers to the presence of cyclists.

Features and benefits of Pexco’s flexible bike lane posts:

  • Clear Delineation and Physical Separation for Cyclists (Protected Bike Lanes)
  • Narrow Profile
  • High Visibility Day and Night
  • Can Help Reduce Vehicle Entry
  • Can Help Improve Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety
  • Allows for Emergency Vehicle Access
  • Low Maintenance
  • Superior Durability
  • Unique Seasonal Removal Options for Snow Plowing

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