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Traffic Safety Products

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Traffic Safety Products
Pexco Davidson Traffic Control Products is an innovative plastics manufacturer of traffic safety products and solutions.

Our long history of creating solutions to help make our roadways safer is just one facet of Pexco's ongoing commitment to leadership in the markets we serve. All of our Traffic Safety products are proudly MADE IN THE USA!

With multiple production and distribution facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad, we are able to serve our customers locally while reducing costs with high quality products:

Type I, II and III Barricades
Pexco manufactures three different types of plastic barricades for use in urban work zones, highway construction, and public events.

Barrier Reflectors
Pexco manufactures impact-resistant reflectors for concrete "Jersey" barriers and other barrier systems in use today. Our Jersey Barrier Reflectors are available both in rigid and flexible options, in a variety of sizes and can have any grade or color of reflective sheeting applied in order to meet your local requirements.

Bollards & Channelizer Posts
Channelizers and flexible bollard posts have proven highly effective at properly directing traffic and reducing the chance of accidents in many locations. Our channelizer posts and safety bollards are durable and bright, highly visible, day and night. They clearly delineate driving lanes with bright colors and reflective sheeting. Pexco's channelizers are NCHRP 350 and MASH compliant as category I devices.

Traffic Curb Systems & Lane Separators
The FG 300 Traffic Lane Separator Curb Systems are designed for use in areas where pavement markings are not enough to provide safe channelization, especially in areas not conducive to structural barrier. The FG 300 Curb Systems have been tested to MASH 16 and have FHWA WZ Letters under NCHRP 350. The curb systems are enhanced delineation devices, providing a larger target value, increased reflective values and are easy access for emergency vehicles if needed.

Hinged & Non-Hinged Guardrail Reflectors
Pexco offers a wide variety of hinged and non-hinged guardrail reflectors to provide durable and effective delineation for a variety of steel guardrail systems.

Raised Pavement Markers, Rumble Strips & Curb Reflectors
Pexco manufactures an extensive range of raised pavement markers and specialty reflectors.

Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs and Sign Post Reflectors
Every year almost 6,000 pedestrian deaths occur in the United States, one every 90 minutes; pedestrians are at high risk crossing the street. This is an alarming problem that can be addressed with durable, low cost safety solutions such as pedestrian crosswalk signs and sign post reflectors.

Flexible Delineator Posts
Highway delineator posts - impact-resistant, flexible plastic posts - provide drivers with a warning of a change in alignment and tracking of the roadway during traverse of a curve. The effectiveness of these traffic delineator posts has been well documented: they reduce fatal crashes by 15 percent, non-fatal injury crashes by 6 percent, and run-off-the-road crashes by 25-58 percent*. Pexco offers four styles of flexible posts made of recycled engineering polymers designed to withstand repeated impacts.

Snow Poles & Snow Posts
Snow removal operations encounter unique challenges during snow events, and especially at night, dusk and dawn. Pexco's highly fluorescent and reflective traffic snow poles and posts help plow operators avoid hazards and reduce damage to vehicles and fixed objects.

Pexco offers a variety of road marker adhesives and primers to securely install many of our products, including barrier and guardrail reflectors, channelizer posts and lane separator curb systems.

Pexco offers a variety of mechanical fasteners and anchor bolts designed to securely install the wide variety of bases that are part of our channelizer post and lane separator curb systems.

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From inspiration to application, Pexco has been helping our customers bring ideas to life for nearly half a century as a plastic extrusion manufacturer. Based in Atlanta, with multiple plants in the U.S. and Mexico, Pexco has grown and evolved to become North America’s leader in the design and fabrication of specialty plastic products.