Compact board-to-board connectors

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Double-sided contact system creates device flexibility

With Phoenix Contact’s new FINEPITCH board-to-board connectors, PCB designers can customize individual PCB orientations with different stack heights and numbers of positions. The FINEPITCH range features two compact pitch sizes: 0.8 mm with EMC shielding and 1.27 mm for unshielded applications.

The FINEPITCH series features a unique double contact system. The contacts are designed to be hermaphroditic, consisting of both of male and female elements. This enables vibration-proof connection in a very confined space. The 0.8-mm version has EMC shielding to prevent interference and supports high-speed data transmission up to 16 Gbps.

The high-contact count design saves space for high-speed signal and data transmission. Both the FP 0.8 and FP 1.27 series are available in 12 to 80 positions and can handle currents up to 1.4 A and voltages up to 500 V AC.

FINEPITCH connectors are packaged on tape and reel to ensure reliable integration into automated assembly processes. The entire FP product range is RoHS and RoHS II compliant and has approval in accordance with UL 1977.

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