Photonis is creating a new digital fusion platform

Featured Product from PHOTONIS Technologies SAS

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Photonis Technologies and Device-ALab are combining their own excellence in a unique new technology core, fusing digital night vision and thermal videos in real time, into an ultra compact embodiment.

This fusion demonstrator, incorporating an HD Electron Bombarded CMOS (EBCMOS) and high resolution LWIR core, is a first step towards a strong technical partnership both companies want to develop, which will lead to very exciting products.

“These technologies are very often put in opposition but I personnally always been convinced by the complementary of these both, says Geoffroy Deltel, CTO of Photonis and GM for Digital Vision. This core will first be aimed at addressing the needs of platforms and vehicles thanks to our patented low latency technology, but clearly pave the way for new types of fusion, including SWIR, UV and color at night, as well as for multiple applications”.

Photonis Technologies and Device-ALab are expecting this first demonstrator to be the base for convincing integrators and users of the numerous advantages of seeing in multiple spectra at the same time.