Resistive Glass Ion Guides

Featured Product from PHOTONIS Technologies SAS

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Photonis' Resistive Glass products efficiently guide of charged particles. Our proprietary lead silicate glass is manufactured to preferentially attract either positive or negative ions. Whether you need a capillary inlet tube, monolithic reflectron lens, or a drift tube Photonis Resistive Glass is proven to collect more ions.

Photonis patented Resistive Glass technology provides a uniform electric field to effectively transport charged particles within the structure. Common applications for this superior technology include sample filtration, mass spectrometry, drug research, and proteomic and genomic research, just to name a few. The simplified design of our Resistive Glass products allow for easy cleaning with common solvents and without the risk of degradation.
We use our Resistive Glass to manufacture a number of finished products, including capillary inlet tubes, reflectron lenses, drift tubes, collision cells, and ion guides. Learn more about these products below or contact us today with your inquiry. put