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Photonis provides a wide range of Time of Flight (TOF) detectors to support portable, ultra-fast and bi-polar instruments. Each TOF detector Photonis designs are customized to provide the best temporal and spatial resolution, highest mass sensitivity, and greatest dynamic range available. We specialize in working closely with TOF-MS system designers to understand the requirements needed in each instrument to provide the longest-lasting, accurate detectors specifically designed for each instrument.

The new Gen2 UltraFast™ detector has been designed to reach speeds that are twice as fast as standard time-of-flight (TOF) detectors and is equipped with PHOTONIS' patented MountingPad™ 2µm pore microchannel plates which use TruFlite™ MCP flatness technology for a significant reduction in time jitter. The PHOTONIS Gen2 UltraFast™ TOF Detector provides pulse widths of less than 200 picoseconds and near-symmetrical 120 picosecond rise and fall times, producing a detector with exceptional levels of detection sensitivity and mass resolution which is unmatched by standard TOF detectors on the market.

Ultra-Fast TOF Detector

The PHOTONIS Ultra-Fast TOF Detector offers a 2 micron pore size sensor for highest resolution. The Ultra-Fast TOF Detector produces pulse widths between 10 and 15 times faster than conventional ion detectors and 3 to 5 times faster than a standard Time-of-Flight detector. Ultra-Fast TOF detectors come in 18 and 25 mm sizes.

High-Temperature TOF Detectors

The PHOTONIS High-Temperature TOF Detector may be operated at up to 150°C and vacuum baked up to 300°C. This extended temperature operation range allows rapid chamber degassing and ultra quiet instrument operation. This product line features 5 micron pore MCPs, equipping this detector one of the highest channel densities of any high temperature TOF detector. This channel density provides dynamic range improvements of ten times that of conventional microchannel plates. The flat input surface provides uniform ion conversion and the higher aspect ratio of the MCPs provides gains in excess of 5x106.

BiPolar TOF Detectors

PHOTONIS BiPolar Time-of-Flight detectors are contained in a low-profile assembly integrating a high sensitivity microchannel plate and electro-optically isolated signal output. The patented detector features an ion conversion surface that may be biased up to + 10kV to enhance the detection efficiency of high mass, positive or negative ions. The output signal polarity is maintained at ground by electro-optic isolation of the signal. PHOTONIS BiPolar TOF detectors are available in a free-standing vacuum module or a flange mounted assembly, in either 18 or 25mm sizes.

High Mass Bi-Polar TOF Detectors:

The patented High Mass BiPolar Time of Flight detector improves the detection efficiency of very high mass ions with significantly less complexity and expense when compared to other high-mass detection solutions. It is ideal for Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time of Flight (MALDI TOF) applications.

The detector is comprised of a high-sensitivity microchannel plate, a high-speed scintillator, and a photomultiplier which can detect both positive and negative ions with 30 kV isolation. This innovative solution also features a gridless optic system that provides high sensitivity detection for masses in excess of 100 kDa. The compact shape and simplified detection system supports many high mass operating modes without the need to manipulate the detector through the ion beam. The detector provides uniform fields that allow for simultaneous space and velocity focusing and can detect both positive and negative ions. Its fast rise time - <1.2ns FWHM - make it an ideal solution for sensitive high mass detection in a wide range of instruments and applications.

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UltraFastTM BiPolar

Power Supplies:

The PHOTONIS line bench-top high-voltage power supplies provide reliable power for scientific detectors and other general purpose laboratory applications and can be custom designed to meet your specifications.

Our complete line of power supplies can provide power to our microchannel plates, Channeltron® channel electron multipliers, and other laboratory applications. Each power supply supports a different, specific range of products and voltages.