Lightweight RF Coaxial Cables Save Aircraft Weight

Featured Product from PIC Wire & Cable

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PIC® Wire & Cable has continually developed lighter-weight components. We also understand that lighter components equal thousands of dollars saved over the lifetime of an aircraft. The RFMATES® ULTRALITE family has been rapidly adopted by major aircraft and avionics OEMs in response to the rising industry demand for weight-saving cables. These lightweight, flexible cables offer significant weight savings over competitor and RG cables:

Features & Benefits

  • Better Shielding
    • Silver Plated Copper spiral (helically) wrapped shield
    • Shielding effectiveness of -110 dB
  • Lower Loss (Attenuation)
    • Smaller Size & Bend Radius
  • Improved Dielectric
    • Expanded PTFE or tape wrapped PTFE
    • Higher Velocity of Propagation while maintaining a strong structure
    • Increased flexibility
  • Laser Markable
    • High temperature, white laser-markable jacket
    • Eliminates the need for labeling

Skip the stress of fitting cables around tight corners by using RFMATES Ultralite coax cables! Visit our website to learn more about these ultralight cables today.