Polyurethane and Hypalon Gloves

Product Announcement from PIERCAN USA, INC.

Polyurethane and Hypalon Gloves-Image

Piercan USA's Dry Box Gloves are for the most critical of applications or where the product is of critical nature and zero contamination is the essential.

The Polyurethane and Hypalon Gloves Characteristics

Polyurethane provides safety against mechanical risks of tear strength, perforation and breaking. The grade of Polyurethane used to manufacture the gloves has been chosen for its high mechanical properties and low modulus.

Hypalon with its exceptional chemical resistance to ozone aging and acid and alkali products, protects from chemical hazardous products.

The gloves are recommended for handling concentrated hydrochloric acid, nitric acid 13 N, Ammonia 32%, and sodium hydroxide 40%; but are also suitable for handling alcohol, low molecular weight petrol as far as pentant, edible oils and mineral oils.