Re-Usable Latex Vacuum Bags

Product Announcement from PIERCAN USA, INC.

Re-Usable Latex Vacuum Bags-Image

The primary reason for having a re-useable system is to save time, and the savings can be substantial. A re-usable latex vacuum bags can take less than one-fourth the time it takes to carefully pleat and seal a nylon/sealant tape vacuum bag. With labor and overhead factored in, this could save more money on the final part cost than by any other process improvement.

Considerations for Using Latex Vacuum Bags

  • Envelope (Boa) Bags - Piercan Boa bags are made by dipping mandrels that are basically sheets of aluminum with rounded edges. The standard sizes range up to 100" with widths up to 30". Larger sizes can be fabricated by adhesive bonding sections together. Boa bags can be sealed at the open end by simply rolling and clamping, or with regular sealant tape.
  • Latex Sheet - Sheet sizes are up to 30" x 100", or 60" x 53"without seams. If seams are acceptable, large sizes can be fabricated.
  • Conformal Bags - Piercan can mold just about any shape in latex for a wrinkle free bag that fits the part exactly. They are a great time saver for complex shapes, and can be quite inexpensive. Piercan has two methods of producing these: by dipping mandrels and by casting in plaster molds. Each process has it's own advantages, but in general the plaster casting method is best their larger vacuum bags. Piercan keep the mandrels or casts at their facility and produce the bags to order.