MIDI Messaging on Mac OS X

Product Announcement from P.I. Engineering, Inc.

MIDI Messaging on Mac OS X-Image

ControllerMate v4.5 is macro software for Mac OS X. A free X-keys only version of ControllerMate is provided to all X-keys users.

Version 4.5 introduced MIDI messaging to the full paid version, available as a download for $24.95.

In addition, ControllerMate for X-keys gained significant improvements in v4.5

  • The main Editor window has been redesigned to consolidate programming items
  • Several types of building blocks have the ability to configure themselves by capturing activity from a device or keyboard
  • An "Activity" panel that creates pre-configured building blocks for currently active controls has been added to the Palette window
  • Groups have new options to automatically activate and deactivate programming
  • Multiple building blocks of the same type can be modified at the same time
  • Importing and exporting of programming has been simplified
  • Automatic update checking
  • The built-in help pages have been expanded and updated

This upgrade to v4.5 of ControllerMate is free to all X-keys users. Visit orderedbytes.com for more information.