X-keys® XK-12+Jog & Shuttle USB Controller

Product Announcement from P.I. Engineering, Inc.

X-keys® XK-12+Jog & Shuttle USB Controller -Image

12 Keys Plus a jog wheel and shuttle ring

Control any program with the XK-12+Jog & Shuttle. Twelve user definable keys with an integrated jog wheel and shuttle ring fit in a small footprint equally suitable for desktop or hand-held operation. The design of the XK-12+touchpad allows for both portrait and landscape orientation to fit your requirements.

Clear key lenses keep your printed or hand written legends securely in place and protect them from wear while making it quick and easy to update them. Custom key legends and reverse etched keycaps provide a professional finish for your OEM project.

The full travel keys have the same feel as a standard keyboard and angled feet give the unit a slight tilt for better viewing of the key legends. Blue and red addressable backlighting enhances key identification in low light environments.

Included Software

MacroWorks 3 (MW3) for Windows programs the X-keys to send keyboard, mouse, or game controller messages to any software. MW3 can detect the application in use and send commands you program for that application. MW3 provides simple, intuitive programming for launching applications, opening files or accessing directories. Inserting special characters and symbols as Unicode text strings adds another new unique feature to the X-keys.

The scripting language behind MW3 is VB.NET. The simple, straight forward language makes programming advanced features and customization for unique requirements easier than ever before. A new feature allows the user to create their own scriptlets to share or duplicate on other keys or devices.

To read comments in the script and/or make modifications, open Advanced View under the View menu in MW3.

ControllerMate for Mac OS X provides an object driven graphical user interface to program keys and controls.

P.I. Engineering SDK supports all X-keys devices we are currently shipping and offers code examples for (VS)Visual Studio C# 2008 Express, VS C++ 2005 and VS Visual Basic 2008 Express.

Pi3 Firmware

  • Four HID endpoints
  • New reflector feature "reflects" messages back as a keyboard, mouse, or game controller
  • Dual backlighting for reach key
  • Dongle feature for developers

Our new Pi3 firmware offers a host of new capabilities to the developer including USB joystick, keybaord and mouse end points and our newly developed Reflector feature. Our Reflector feature allows the developer to send outbound messages to the X-keys which can be reflected back to the Operating System in keyboard, mouse or joystick data stream.

A new feature offers glowing red or blue backlighting with adjustable intensity. The backlighting LEDs can be controlled with simple scripting through MW3 or messages from your software via our SDK. Each key has one blue and one red LED under it and the state of each LED is individually addressable.

Our Pi3 dongle feature offers OEMs a measure of security to protect software from piracy and tag an X-keys with a unique encrypted signature to ensure the developer is the sole provider of customized hardware