Tantalum Components

Featured Product from Plansee SE

Guaranteed purity

You can rely on our quality. We produce our tantalum products ourselves - from the metal powder right through to the finished product. As our input material, we use only the purest tantalum powder. This ensures that you benefit from a very high level of material purity.

Customized Chemical and Electrical Properties

Due its particularly fine microstructure, tantalum is the perfect material for drawing ultra-slender wires with a flawless, exceptionally pure surface for use in tantalum capacitors. We can determine the chemical, electrical and mechanical properties of these wires to a high degree of precision. As a result, our products give our customers tailor-made, consistent component properties which we are continuously developing and refining.

Outstanding Resistance and Excellent Cold Ductility

Its excellent resistance coupled with its excellent formability and weldability make tantalum the perfect material for heat exchangers. Our tantalum heat exchangers are exceptionally stable and resistant to a range of aggressors. With our many years of experience in the machining of tantalum, we are also able to manufacture complex dimensions which precisely meet your requirements.

Pure Tantalum - or Maybe an Alloy?

We prepare our tantalum to perform perfectly in every application. We can determine the following properties through the addition of various alloys:

-Physical properties (e.g. melting point, vapor pressure, density, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, heat capacity)
-Mechanical properties (e.g. strength, fracture behavior, ductility)
-Chemical properties (e.g. corrosion resistance, etchability)
-Workability (e.g. machining, formability, weldability)
-Structure and recrystallization properties (e.g. recrystallization temperature, proneness to embrittlement, aging effects, grain size)