SQCpack: Easy and Scalable SPC Software

Featured Product from PQ Systems

SQCpack is an easy and scalable SPC solution that includes all the tools you need to comply with critical quality standards, reduce variability, improve profitability, and reduce costs.
From the operator entering data on the shop floor to senior management reviewing process performance, SQCpack is the statistical process control application everyone on your team can use.
SPC data analysis tools:
SQCpack is the easiest quality control solution for helping your organization utilize the power of data analysis to improve quality and enhance productivity.
SPC data collection tools:
Whether your operators are manually entering data, or data comes directly from a measurement device, or a combination of both, SQCpack makes quality data collection easy.
Audit trail and data security:
Have peace of mind knowing that SQCpack keeps your valuable data secure and provides auditing functions in order to maintain complete control.
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