40V Buck Converter for LED Lamps - PR4101

Featured Product from PREMA Semiconductor GmbH

PR4101 is a buckdriver for up to 40V input voltage. Its versatility and its dimming input make it ideal for halogen lamp replacement and general lighting. PR4101 is offered in SO-08 and SO-14 package, as well as a smaller variant in a tiny SOT23-5Lpackage. Versatility and high power are key features of these LED drivers, which can also be used as proven standard cells in an ASIC project.

The inductive converter PR4101 drives single or multiple LEDs with currents from 100mA up to several amps, depending on the configuration of external components, from a supply voltage of 9V up to 40V. The driver is suitable for applications with 12V or 24V batteries as well as in lighting fixtures with transformers, replacing halogen lamps there.