ODS-3000: High reliability DC/AC Inverters

Featured Product from PREMIUM S.A.

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Premium´s ODS-3000 is a single phase sinewave 120Vac or 230Vac DC/AC inverter series that delivers up to 4000VA. Input and output signals are galvanic isolated and the output voltage can be adjusted via RS232 along with other parameters that can be monitored and controlled through an application available with all models. The input voltage ranges from 24Vdc to 300Vdc and frequency can be set to 50Hz or 60Hz via a dip switch.

The ODS-3000 DC/AC inverters consist of two cascaded converters, one DC/DC generates an intermediate output voltage from the input voltage. That intermediate voltage is inverted to supply the output voltage and frequency by means of a second DC/AC converter. It also features maximum average power protection as well as maximum output peak current protection. All models are designed to comply with the EN50155 standard for rolling stock and fit perfectly in a wide variety of industrial application. This inverter series has been designed for chassis mounting and a rackmount kit is available as well. Cooling takes place through an internal fan and models offer up to 91% efficiency and 5-year warranty.


  • Sine wave output voltage
  • Selectable output frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • High input-output isolation 3000Vrms
  • Remote inhibit
  • Remote control via RS232
  • Alarm by isolated relay contacts
  • Remote off opto-coupled
  • Optional railway version EN50155
  • Fire and smoke: EN45545-2 approved
  • Efficiency up to 92%

Premium manufactures all units in Barcelona under strict quality controls.