Manufacturing RF power amplifier assemblies

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White Paper: Balancing throughput and process control for manufacturing RF power amplifier assemblies

The production of RF power amplifiers necessitates both high volume and high quality. In general, finding a balance between maximizing throughput and meeting the required performance metrics, such as thermal conductivity of the bond between the die and package is crucial in any application, but is especially important in markets with growing demand. As steps are introduced into a process in order to limit failures or better control the essential parameters of an assembly, there will be a corresponding increase in labor, overhead, as well as a reduction in production volume.

Understanding the tools available to mitigate failures and protect against material inconsistencies is a necessary step in finding a balance between throughput and yield. In this article, the various process control options available and their corresponding effects on production, both positive and negative are presented. These options will range from process methods, to programming techniques, as well as hardware alternatives, which will all focus on increasing automated process control and limiting the resulting hits to throughput.

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