Palomar 9000 Wedge Bonder

Featured Product from Palomar Technologies, Inc

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The Palomar 9000 Wedge Bonder is a high-speed fine wire wedge and ribbon bonder with optional interchangeable clamps for 45-60° and 90° deep access bonding on a single machine.

The large 304 x 152mm work area provides users flexibility to work with many different work holder sizes and tooling. For high-volume production requirements, online conveyor with automated part loading are easily integrated.

These 10 key differentiators help customers achieve modern wedge bond requirements:

  • Large work area: 304 x 152 mm
  • Bond Head rides on Theta for better process control
  • No surface touch using Auto Focus and automated height learning
  • High-speed: 7 Wires Per Second
  • 45-60° to 90° wire feed clamp interchangeability
  • Round wire and ribbon wire can be performed using the same clamp
  • Adaptive Bond Deformation standard
  • Voice Coil driven bond head for precision force control
  • High precision: 1um, 3 sigma
  • Portability of programs between other Palomar wire bonders

VisionPilot® with Radar Referencing® software enables faster automated finding of package references, improved vision finding, and the ability to find components that blend into the package (such as gold on gold). This is especially useful with borderless capacitors on a package, molly tabs and horizontal feed through pins.


  • RF-SOE
  • Disk drives
  • Large complex hybrids
  • RF and microwave devices
  • High frequency passive and active components
  • MCM power connections
  • Fine pitch devices
  • Running stitch interconnects (die-to-die)
  • Ribbon bonding
  • Low profile wire bonds


  • Large bonding area: 305 x 150 mm (12” x 6”)
  • Automated material handling for full production line assembly. Unheated and heated work stages available.
  • Quality control. Real-time bond monitoring and process control software. Robust, low maintenance voice coil bond head
  • Three entry points for unobstructed access to the complete large work envelope: part access door, hood access door, tooling access door
  • i2Gi® Graphical User Interface
  • Mouse-based jog and targeting, with touch screen capability