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Industrial Oxygen & Gas Analyzers

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Industrial Oxygen & Gas Measurement Solutions
Keep track of your oxygen and gas levels with our solid-state gas analyzers
Industrial Oxygen & Gas Analyzers
No moving parts ensure greater instrument reliability
Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business, offers industrial oxygen and gas analyzers that improve process efficiency, optimize reactors, and provide greater confidence for petrochemical, power generation, and combustion efficiency applications. These solid-state oxygen and gas analyzer designs use no moving parts, ensuring reliable measurement even in difficult, high-noise environments.

From the microprocessor-based XMTC, perfectly suited for measuring the concentration of binary gas mixtures including hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, helium, and more, or the explosion-proof design of the XDP, certified for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups B, & D, and II 2 GD EEx d IIC T6 hazardous areas, to the minimalist, mount-anywhere design of the Panametrics oxy.IQ, we're confident that if you need an industrial oxygen and gas analyzer in your production environment, we have an accurate and reliable solution for you.

Refinery Solutions from Panametrics
Discover next generation solutions for minimal risk and maximum performance
For 60 years, we have been solving the challenges our customers experience everyday across the oil and gas industry. Now more than ever, we know how critical it is for refineries to produce more output at a lower cost, efficiently and safely. And we’re here to help.

Our commitment to innovation and partnership has led Panametrics to become the industry leader in moisture and gas measurements, flare management, flare measurement and ultrasonic flow metering applications. We've worked with partners like you to create powerful solutions that will keep your operations up and running, even in the harshest conditions—all while increasing throughput and meeting stringent regulations.

Explore our latest technologies and all the ways Panametrics can help you achieve more across your operations.

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Panametrics has been a pioneer in the sensor technology industry for more than 50 years. With an innovative culture, Panametrics continues to develop solutions for moisture, oxygen, liquid flow, and gas flow measurement. 
Panametrics technology covers broad moisture, gas and flow needs, including Moisture Analyzers, Flow Measurement in Flare Applications, Ultrasonic Transducers for Gas Flow Operations, Ultrasonic Meters for Natural Gas, and Calibration And Support Services.