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Panametrics Aurora TDLS Moisture Analyzer

Featured Product from Panametrics

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Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business, offers Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) to measure the moisture concentration in common gases. The Panametrics TDLAS portfolio, featuring the Aurora product line, consists of industrial analyzers with intuitive interfaces and patented technology for superior performance.

These tunable diode laser analyzers are known for their fast and accurate response, able to analyze moisture from 2 to 5000 PPMv. Our patented calibration scheme allows for variations in background gas that would result in error conditions in other analyzers.

Requiring no regular recalibration, our TDLAS-equipped moisture analyzers offer our customers a low cost of ownership.

Aurora is available in these three configurations:

  • Aurora provides immediate response to process upsets and quick dry down upon recovery.
  • Aurora TransPort offers TDLAS performance in a rugged portable analyzer, whether on battery or online power.
  • Aurora 19 is ideal for 19-inch rack-mount installations for air, metrology, and heat-treating applications.

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Panametrics has been a pioneer in the sensor technology industry for more than 50 years. With an innovative culture, Panametrics continues to develop solutions for moisture, oxygen, liquid flow, and gas flow measurement. 
Panametrics technology covers broad moisture, gas and flow needs, including Moisture Analyzers, Flow Measurement in Flare Applications, Ultrasonic Transducers for Gas Flow Operations, Ultrasonic Meters for Natural Gas, and Calibration And Support Services.