[WEBINAR] Save Energy with UT Clamp-on Flow Meters

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How can your building be more energy efficient without the need for refurbishment?

One common need which builders, contractors and management companies often overlook is the implementation of flow meters.

Clamp-on flow meters can bridge the gap of traditional meters if they were never installed during the start of a project, or if the building is too old for this type of technology.

Clamp-on flow meters can and should be used for spot checking an existing meter, or most commonly to ensure energy efficiency.

Register for our On-demand webinar to learn:

  • How clamp-on flow meters can be installed and used to take a meter read outside of the pipe
  • How these mitigate the need to shut down the plant or process
  • The benefits of having little to no maintenance cost when using clamp-on flow meters

Additionally, we’ll explore various ways commercial buildings have used clamp-on flow metering methods to reduce cost and energy waste.

Some of these applications include:

  • Steam and chilled applications for combined heating and cooling plants
  • Testing commercial sprinklers
  • Managing water flow for energy efficiency


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