Electrician's Lockout Kit - OSHA Mandated

Featured Product from Panduit Corp.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandates that all energy sources be turned off and locked out to protect employees from injuries caused by the accidental startup of equipment under repair and service. To support compliance with OSHA 1910.147, Panduit offers a complete line of high quality, circuit breaker lockout devices to ensure that electrical energy sources are isolated for optimal work place safety. These circuit breaker lockouts are part of an extensive line of innovative safety devices designed by Panduit to protect employees from risks associated with all forms of hazardous energy, while meeting safety and regulatory requirements.

Electrician's Lockout Kit: (1) Screwdriver, (1) PSL-PK pouch, (1) PSL-8 red non-conductive padlock, (1) PSL-MLD multiple lockout device, (1) PSL-WS wall switch lockout device, (1) PSL-PCBNT PowerLOK No Tool circuit breaker lockout device, (1) PSL-P plug lockout device, (5) PVT-30 electrician's blocking tags.