5500-7000 CFM Vertical Conditioner

Product Announcement from Parameter Generation & Control, Inc.

5500-7000 CFM Vertical Conditioner-Image


Parameter Generation and Control manufactures Relative Humidity / Temperature conditioners for rooms provided by Parameter and existing rooms or enclosures. These systems are designed to provide precise temperature and humidity control.

Parameter conditioners provide:

  • Extremely precise control and uniformity within the room or chamber to allow customers to easily maintain their specified conditions.
  • A unique dew point control system utilizes much less energy than other stability control systems.
  • Self-contained conditioners allow easy installation on-site anywhere in the world.
  • On-site start-up is available.
  • PC based monitoring systems that are standard with each unit. System monitors temperature, relative humidity, saturator, and mechanical outputs.
  • Easy temperature / relative humidity Calibrations and simple Preventative Maintenance schedules.
  • User Friendly controls (Parameter's SmarPad) that allow for either steady state conditioning or programmable cycling of conditions.


RH control constancy of ±0.5%
Temperature control constancy of ±0.1°C
Relative humidity uniformity of ±0.5%
High-low or deviation alarms
316 stainless steel construction throughout the chamber


Consistent and accurate results
Stable and uniform environments
Unsurpassed accuracy
Security and safety
Ease of operation