ANALYZING YOUR FLUID - a White Paper by Paratherm

Featured Product from Paratherm — Heat Transfer Fluids

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Routine fluid analysis is a critical part of any preventive maintenance program. Not only do the results indicate what condition the fluid is in, they also provide an early warning of system or equipment problems that can eventually shut down the process.

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We’re a team of service-oriented people with a variety of training, skills, and experience.

Our sales engineers can help you select the appropriate heat transfer fluid for your temperature control application, or select the cleaner and procedure to properly clean a fouled system. If your circumstances don’t match up with our offerings, we’ll suggest competitors that have the stuff you need.

Paratherm’s Technical Services section can help troubleshoot an ailing process, or design fluid and system maintenance programs to prevent problems from arising in the first place.

Customer service and logistics at Paratherm are as important to our customers, and to us, as any other facet of the business. We recognized over twenty years ago that many heat transfer fluid applications had the potential to cause bottlenecks in critical manufacturing processes; processes that, when interrupted by unplanned downtime, could cost thousands of dollars per hour in production losses, and additional problems with idled resources and downline productivity.