Heat Transfer Fluids... Food Grade

Product Announcement from Paratherm — Heat Transfer Fluids

Food Grade Heat Transfer Fluids

Founded in 1988, Paratherm Corporation manufactures food-grade, non-toxic Heat Transfer Fluids (Hot Oils, Thermal Fluids) that provide precise, uniform process temperature control in non-pressurized closed-loop thermal systems to from -40º to +650º F (343ºC). These highly efficient non-fouling NSF, FDA and USDA-Certified fluids are specified in a broad variety of industrial process applications in addition to food processing. Paratherm fluids operate in over 3,000 installations world-wide.

Three types of Food Grade Heat Transfer Fluids based upon temperature senstivity:

  1. High Temperature Food-Grade Fluid
  2. Mid-Temperature-Range Food-Grade Fluid
  3. Low-Temperature-Range Food-Grade Fluid